A -There are basically two types of prefabricated panels produced by RICTS, namely: special fire resistant Agrément panels and our standard range of fire retardant panels.

Standard, fire retardant panels: –Steel sheet (chromadeck sheet) – flame retardant adhesive (glue) – polystyrene – flame retardant adhesive(glue) – steel sheet (chormadeck sheet).

Fire resistant Agrément-accredited panels: –Steel sheet (chromadeck sheet) – flame retardant adhesive (glue) – calcium silicate board - flame retardant adhesive (glue) – polystyrene  – flame retardant adhesive(glue) - calcium silicate board - flame retardant adhesive (glue) - steel sheet (chromadeck sheet)

A-There is a quick turnaround on manufacture and production and the panels are easy to assemble. This ensures that valuable time is saved, it is both functional and much more affordable compared to other building methods. All sheets and most materials used by RICTS are also, wherever possible, 100% recyclable and re-usable.

A-The biggest disadvantage is that the modular unit is not fixed (it has no concrete foundations) if being compared to a brick or concrete structure, however this could be advantageous because this then makes the unit/panel easy to relocate at the clients’ convenience whereas a fixed structure does not allow that.

A-On average the panels/units are guaranteed to last between 20-30 years if maintained by the client, however the panels are completely re-usable and if maintained properly could last much longer.

We offer a 12-month guarantee on any latent defects such as leaks or faulty wiring. If panels/units are damaged after the guarantee has lapsed, our maintenance team can assess the situation and cost a solution for you at request.

A-Aside from building a double story, anything that can be conceived can be built, such as but not limited to, classrooms within the education sector, clinics within the health care sector as well as storage facilities whether it be cold rooms or freezers within the industrial sector.

A-Yes, as there is a plumbing and electrical installations department within the company that’s able to deliver these types of services with the erection of the units.

A-Yes, we offer turnkey and bespoke building solutions upon request and are more than happy to manage your construction project from start to finish. We will liaise with other contractors as directed by our clients.