Ricts Holdings (Pty) Ltd consists of the following divisions, who together provide a number of key products and services for the alternative building sector.


We manufacture prefabricated insulated panels used in the construction of our modular structures.

Our panels are all produced to client specification and according to requirement.

The panels we manufacture are compliant, fire resistant and insulated. They are a cost- effective solution for building and storage purposes.


We manage the construction and installation of our specially designed modular units.

Construction happens either on a base frame or on concrete slabs.

On request we also include external articulation (plumbing and electrical works) in this process.


We will prepare a site for construction work and the erection of structures.

This includes site clearance, excavations, carting and dumping of rubble and waste materials.

We also manage the importing of G5 or G7 platforms, and also gravel platforms as well as concrete slabs and paving.


This consists of electrical maintenance, repairs and installation of electrical components, material and items for residential use.

We also do general building maintenance e.g. built in cupboards, plumbing, aluminum guttering, painting, tiling etc.

In addition, the RICTS team can assist with refrigeration maintenance, servicing of air conditioning units and other cold storage unit maintenance.


Our draftsmen offer clients conceptualised designs to suit their specific needs.

We have a team of quantity surveyors who ensure projects are run at optimal cost.

We assist with health and safety environmental management as well as project management.


We currently manufacture three types of insulated panels at RICTS HOUSE:

All materials used are SABS approved. Our standard panel thickness varies from 40mm to 200mm depending on the clients preferred application for the product.

All Agrément panels manufactured by RICTS meet council requirements and come with a stamp of approval.

The structure and layering of the Agrément-accredited panels is as follows:

1.Chromadek sheet – 2.Fireproof board – 3.Polystyrene – 2.Fireproof board – 1.Chromadek sheet

The structure of the standard-range insulated panel is much simpler:

Chromadek sheet – Polystyrene – Chromadek

The latest edition to our product offering is the lightweight concrete panel (LWC). The walls are lightweight interlocking panels 75mm thick. They consist of 4,5mm Calcium Silicate boards on either side encapsulating a polystyrene-beaded concrete core with a density of 650 kg/m3. The wall panels are certified for use structurally for single storey buildings and non-structurally (in-fill panels) for multi-storey buildings

This is all held together by a special combination of glues to prevent the sheets from delaminating. The specs and sizes of the sheets will differ according to the design of each unit.

Advantage of using panels in construction include::


We provide the following services to our clients upon request

Design and drafting (architectural)

Manufacturing (insulated panels)

Modular alternative building construction

Modular unit relocations

Occupational health and safety services

Civils (engineering expertise)

Project management

Site establishment and administration

Asbestos removal services


Electrical works

Plumbing works